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7 Ways to Start Sowing Your Spiritual Garden – Evangelisation

Here you will find seven seeds to get you started sowing in the field of Evangelisation!


This starter rose is to help us get used to sharing the basics of the Gospel. Here is your summary:

EvangelisationKerygmatic Proclamation
ObjectiveGet comfortable with undertaking Evangelisation centred on the basic Gospel Message
Seedtime1 hour (10 minute read and watch 50 minute video, taking brief notes)
Feedtime1 hour
DirectiveTake your ‘next step’ in terms of engaging with Kerygmatic proclamation. The details of what this may be are discussed at the end of the blogpost.
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To get started on this rose, head to the blogpost (the video is included in it) here.


This starter rose focuses on evangelisation through intentionally building up those around us as disciples. Here is what is involved:

EvangelisationEvangelisation Through Discipleship
ObjectiveTo invest in others in order to build them up into disciples, and build up the Kingdom through them.
Seedtime50 minute video (below – listening to the audio suffices)
Feedtime1 hour
DirectiveInvest intentionally in 3 people, for 20 minutes each. The parameters for this investment are outlined in the paragraphs after the videol
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Want to get started on this one? Begin by watching this video:

Instructions for growing your rose from this seed: Think and pray about those those in your life who are walking with you to Jesus. Find three concrete 20 minute ways to invest in three of them. This could be an offer of help, a phone call, an email, a chat over coffee… But the crucial thing is that for twenty minutes on each occasion this must be intentional building – not just a catch up. Find out where they are at spiritually. Discern if there is a way in which you can walk more intentionally together, if either of you can help each other or if you can offer mutual support. Actively seek ways to build upon that which you discern. Invite them to join you and talk to them about what is on your heart regarding the Church, souls and your mission.

There are a few reasons this task is stipulated at 3 x 20 minute contacts rather than one hour long one. Casting the net a bit wider generally forces us a little more out of our comfort zone. It provides more chance of at least one of the contacts hitting a place of mutual understanding and bearing fruit. It will incline the contacts to be more intentionally aimed towards the Kingdom by the sheer demands of ‘getting the rose done’. The aim is to spend 20 minutes really intentionally seeking to connect and go deeper on a Gospel level, if possible moving towards working together for the Kingdom (you must discern what is possible – if this is not, the contact still counts when you have tried!) How much craic etc. goes with this 20 minutes you will have to discern – according to your schedule and desires, the type of contact you make, and the needs of those you contact.


This starter rose takes a look at how we can use prophetic prayer and gifts of the Spirit in Evangelisation.

EvangelisationIntroduction to Prophetic Evangelisation
ObjectiveBecoming more familiar with using the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and applying them to evangelisation.
Seedtime10 minute video
Feedtime1 hour 30 minutes
DirectiveTake practical steps towards prophetic evangelisation. Next step depends on experience and confidence – see notes after video.
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Take your next step with this kind of prayer. If you have not engaged with this kind of prayer before, find someone who has. If you don’t know anyone, contact us and perhaps we’ll be able to give you some ideas. Prayer groups are generally helpful here. If you haven’t done this before, the introduction and practising prophetic prayer for the time specified suffices for a Rose.

If you are somewhat familiar and confident with using Prophetic prayer gifts, decide upon ways to use them for Evangelisation for this time. Ideally, this exercise should be done in pairs. If you plan to take to the streets like in the video, make sure you have a partner who is comfortable with doing so. If you don’t have a partner, or don’t feel quite that confident, take a time of intercession for those you know. Allow God to bring to mind people and pray for them intentionally as He does. Ask Him for words, images, or whatever kind of sense He may wish to communicate in their regards. Then pick up the phone or write an email and share.

Giving a miraculous Medal

This rose takes a look at the power of a miraculous medal in Evangelisation.

EvangelisationKerygmatic Proclamation
ObjectiveBecome acquainted with the power of evangelising by handing out a Miraculous Medal
Seedtime25 minute video (PG, listening to audio suffices)
Feedtime+/-1 hour (you’ll need a stock of Blessed Medals to begin!)
DirectiveGive away 12 blessed miraculous medals, and if in so doing you can find an opportunity to have a five minute conversation with the person you give it to about God, Mary or the Catholic faith, take it.
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N.B. This video is not chosen to give you the expectation that everyone you hand the medal to will have an immediate mystical experience and instantaneous conversion, though of course nothing is impossible with God! The main thing to note, however, is the objective power that Zachary sensed immediately coming from that Blessed Medal. Our Lady is no less powerful when She chooses to move more quietly, the key is giving the Sacramental with faith and trusting Her to move – whether or not you see the fruit in your immediate contact.

Did you enjoy cultivating this rose? Would you like to continue with this mode of Evangelisation? Click here for a series of follow on roses on the Power of Evangelising with the Miraculous Medal!!

Intellectual EvaNGELISATION

Lessons from Fulton Sheen in Evangelisation – how to engage intellectually.

EvangelisationIntellectual Evangelisation Tips
ObjectiveExercise your mind in finding ways to reach people with the Gospel
SeedtimeWatch 7 minute video
Feedtime1 hour 30 minutes
DirectiveFollow through on the process outlined in the video. Instructions are given at the end of the video.
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Spend 30 minutes familiarising yourself with a particular area of popular culture or a mindset in modern society that needs the light of the Gospel.
Spend 30 minutes studying an area of the faith that could serve to speak into this area, preferably by a thinker or theologian whose work you are already relatively familiar with.
Spend 30 minutes engaging with people who need to find Jesus and are affected by these areas, whether in conversation or online.

Evangelising Friends And Family

This starter rose takes a look at how we can take steps to move towards sharing God’s Love with our nearest and dearest.

EvangelisationEvangelising Friends and Family
ObjectiveIntensify your focus on bringing the Love of Christ to those closest to you who need Him most.
SeedtimeRead 5 minute article
Feedtime1 hour
DirectiveTake 10 minutes to write a list of all those you would like to do something to bring to Christ, then pick 5 of them. Take a 10 minute action for each person in this 5 to share with or speak something of God’s Love to them.
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The article in question is here!


This starter rose looks at sharing the Gospel through the medium of beauty.

EvangelisationKerygmatic Proclamation
ObjectiveInvite people towards goodness and truth through an encounter with beauty…
SeedtimeWatch 9 minute video
Feedtime1 hour
DirectiveShare beauty with four people to Evangelise (concrete parameters are given below)
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The task in full is this: Take one from each of the following attractive categories: The Life of a Saint; a Work of Visual Art; a piece of music; a literary work (doesn’t have to be as long as a book). Share each one with someone whose walk with or towards Jesus could be aided by it.

This should take at least 15 minutes per person because you need to select what you share carefully and find a way to bring God explicitly into the conversation as you share. If it is something you are sending, this can be done in the context of a note explaining why you have chosen to share this particular thing with the person in question. Yes, beauty speaks its own language, but the evangelisation task here is to present it as an invitation. You don’t have to be forceful in order to bring Jesus’ Name and Person to the forefront – just honest about the beauty you see in Him and His Truths, and willing to invite others towards the same.

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