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Evangelisation Through the Miraculous Medal

This post is a continuation from the Starter Rose found here (scroll, it’s the fourth rose down). In it, the ‘seed’ was the modern day conversion story of a man who became Catholic through the power of a blessed Miraculous Medal. Here, we will continue with exploring Miraculous Medal distribution and its power in Evangelisation, taking a few more sources as seeds. Let’s take a look at what the challenges look like:

EvangelisationMiraculous Medal Distribution
ObjectiveBring people to Jesus through Mary by means of the Miraculous Medal
SeedtimeVariable (see below) but generally around 15 minutes
Feedtime1 hour, perhaps more if conversations develop (you will need as stock of blessed Miraculous Medals to undertake the task)
DirectiveFor each seed, give out 12 blessed Miraculous Medals. Talk about the medal/faith where an opportunity presents. Afterwards, pray for 5 minutes (e.g. a decade of the Rosary and Memorare) for each person.
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Before we get started on spiritual inputs – seeds and refreshers – there are a few practical pointers regarding Miraculous Medal distribution (these may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised!):

  • Whilst God can work with anything and it’s nice to have things that remind us of Mary, there is little point, in terms of the objective efficacy of the sacramental, in giving out Miraculous Medals unless you get them blessed first – especially if the people you’re giving them to are unlikely to seek out a priest themselves!
  • You can’t buy blessed medals because they will lose their blessing in the buying. You need to get them blessed after they are purchased.
  • It’s not compulsory for the rose, but since really you want the people who receive them to wear the medal, it is highly advisable to get your hands on suitable string to have them ready to go on their necks, and to encourage them to put it on straight away. The best thing for this job is generally cotton (thicker than a sewing thread, probably a little thinner than your average wool). Blue is nice for the Marian aspect…
  • Before you waste cotton make sure you are cutting it to the right length: tie the ends of a test one and check it goes over your own head comfortably, then measure further lengths accordingly. If you have a small head you’ll need to take that into account and measure out extra. It’s important to get this right if you’re going to encourage people to wear the medal because you’ll need to have them tied in advance and it’s just going to be embarrassing for everyone if they can’t get it over their head…


This PDF booklet on the Miraculous Medal, available to download free from the Traditional Observance MI, contains 4 potential seeds – each taking maybe 15 minutes to read. They are divided as follows:

  1. Page 5-21: The Story of the Miraculous Medal
  2. Page 22-33: Two conversion stories, including that of Alphonse Ratisbonne
  3. Page 34-47: Conversions of Claude Newman and James Hughs, Testimony of Fr. John Hardon
  4. Page 48-63: Story of St. Catherine Laboré

Reading this essay, ‘The Medal Called Miraculous’ by Frank Duff (available online courtesy of Waterford LOM Curia), can serve as one seed.

The above content is sufficient in terms of seeds. Until these seeds are all sown (i.e. read), one should be taken between each batch of 12 medals that is distributed. After these seeds are all sown, roses can continue to be cultivated without new inputs each time you give out 12 Miraculous Medals according to the specs above (regarding 5 minutes of prayer).

This means that effectively giving out 12 Miraculous medals becomes a perennial rose. As such, it comes with a short refresher to be completed between each rose: Reading a testimony (generally about a paragraph, less than a minute) from this site.

In addition, below are some videos that can serve to help further your devotion if you want to be reminded of stories or go deeper with what you have already learned from the preparatory material. These inputs are optional, but may be helpful in strengthening your faith in the power of the practice.

Recap of the Story of The Miraculous Medal
Recap of the Story of Claude Newman

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