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Catholic Bible Reading With the St. Paul Center (Audio Course Roses)

Are you ready to take Scripture reading further but not sure where to get started? We have a suggestion to help you do just that!

Scott Hahn’s St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology (we’ll call it ‘SPC’ for ‘St. Paul Center’ henceforth!) has some great, free, online and Catholic Bible Studies. We’re going to spend a couple of Faith Formation Rose blog posts breaking these down in order to provide practical guidelines for not only diving into Scripture Study, but knowing how that study can translate into Roses to offer to Our Lady in Your Monthly Rose Crown, or discuss at a weekly Golden Rose group. For this post, we’ll take a look at the options in their audio courses…

The SPC has eight full audio courses, each with 5-10 lessons of audio lectures that generally average out at about an hour’s listening time each. To listening to each lesson, we add an hour of personal study in order to grow your rose. Thus, whilst we will take the time to break these down and give more specific directives for how you might want to conduct that Scripture Study, your typical rose box (if that’s a new concept for you, take a quick read of this page) is going to look like this for any of these roses:

Faith FormationScripture Study With St. Paul Center Audio Bible Courses
ObjectiveGo more deeply in your study of Scripture
SeedtimeApprox 1 hour audio lecture with note taking
Feedtime1 hour
DirectiveSpend an hour assimilating and building upon the lecture you have listened to, through reading and writing.
To learn how these boxes work, click here!

Notes Regarding Further Study:

In general, it will be helpful for you to make good notes during the lecture to help guide this study. In particular, make a note of any Scripture references and numbers given from the Catechism, so you can go back over them (the Catechism is online free here if you don’t have one).

The SPC website suggests some reading material you could buy to use for the duration of the course, and these can be used to fulfil your study time obligation. However if you don’t want to purchase books at present, here are some ideas for resources that are free online. What is free online is generally older, as then it is public domain. If you haven’t bought custom designed books you will need to spend some of your time simply doing the research required to unearth the relevant material – that’s OK! The resources for these roses will be updated on an ongoing basis, please let us know if you would like to recommend anything not listed:

  • Works of the Early Church Fathers – not all on Scripture directly, but there are lots of commentaries and homilies scattered throughout when you look!
  • Catena Aurea online – a scriptural Commentary spanning the four Gospels. It was put together by St. Thomas Aquinas and is made up of quotes from the Early Church Fathers.
  • Other Commentaries by St. Thomas Aquinas
  • With an account on Formed (some of their resources require a paid subscription, but not all) or a subscription (or free trial!) on Scribd you will find some of the suggested resources online.

In any case, listen to the lecture and to cultivate the rose you need to spend an hour with study material – your main text is almost always the relevant Scripture Passage, with the exception of a few studies where the Scripture element is less direct. Taking careful notes whilst listening is likely to help at study time. At least half of the study time should be after listening to the lecture, but it may be helpful to use some of it as preparatory reading instead – up to you!

Course One – Signs of the Covenant: Transforming Lives and Renewing Relationships

This course has 6 lessons

Course Two – The Gospel of Mark

This course has 5 lessons

Course Three – Romans: The Gospel According to St. Paul

This course has 9 lessons

Course Four – Proclaiming the Kingdom: The Gospel of Matthew

This course has 10 lessons

Course Five – Lessons from the Early Church

This course has 5 lessons
Technically, you will notice, it’s not a Bible Study! Nevertheless we list it here as the Church Fathers are so important for learning to read the Bible as the Church does. To bring this back to the Scriptures, we suggest diving into their writings directly during your extra study. These are available free online here. They provide material for HOURS of study and in most cases you will find they are richly interwoven with Sacred Scripture.

Course Six – Feasts of Faith

This course has 8 lessons
Not strictly a Bible Study, but it covers topics that span the Old and New Testaments and should really give a framework within which you can readily use your Bible, Catechism and whatever else you want to take to help you understand better our spiritual and liturgical roots.

Course Seven – The Splendour of the Church

This course has 9 lessons

Course Eight – John: The Sacramental Gospel

This course has 6 lessons

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