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The Secret of the Rosary Challenge!

This is a Seasonal Rose challenge! To set it in context, we begin with a less-than-15-minute video:

The Challenge: Take up what they’re talking about for 54 days. Or at least try!
The Dates: 15th August (The Assumption) – 7th October (Our Lady of the Rosary)

We invite you to take up a 54 day Pompeii Rosary Novena. There are a few ways of doing this, we’ll give some resources at the end. But the baseline commitment is to pray the Rosary every day. You are free to decide if that means 5, 15 or 20 decades for you. The video is given to encourage you to think about trying to pray all the mysteries for this time period, not to say this is the only way you can undertake the challenge. That said, the number of Roses you will gather to give to Our Lady will vary according to your decision. Roses for this challenge are counted in the same way as they are perennially: 20 decades (prayed over as many days as you choose) = one rose.

For each day of the Novena, you may also commit to praying some additional prayers, there are some ides given in extra resources at the end.

You might also like to read through St. Louis Marie de Montfort’s ‘Secret of the Rosary’, which Gabi talks about in the video. It is available to download amongst the materials suggested to refresh devotion when Rosaries are undertaken as a perennial commitment. Reading one ‘Rose’ a day from this book would have it more or less finished by the end of the Novena. However you may want to begin by looking at the end materials! The last 20% or so of the book gives a wide range of different ways to pray the Rosary and you may wish to try some of these in the course of your Novena…

A Pompeii Novena lasts 54 days because there are 3 Novenas of Petition and 3 of Thanksgiving. Before beginning this challenge prayerfully consider your intention(s), maybe making a note of them.


Record Sheets for Daily Prayer

20 Decade Novena Counting Sheet

15 Decade Novena Counting Sheet

5 Decades, without Luminous Mysteries

5 Decades, Including Luminous Mysteries

OPTIONAL Extra Prayers and Resources

PDF with background information on the Pompeii Novena
DF with additional Novena prayers
PDF with additional Prayers for each decade

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