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Bible in a Year… or 4 Months if you’re Feeling Brave!

So here at Golden Rose we like to catch up with the cool stuff… in our own time! You may remember that in January there was a huge wave of enthusiasm about Fr. Mike Schmitz doing a Bible in a Year podcast that topped iTunes etc. for several weeks… well it’s now October, the fuss has long since died down, and we think it time to start reckoning that study in our Rose Count! Of course Lectio is a regular perennial rose anyway, so technically the reading could be counted as such without this – but here’s something simple, specific and systematic to count the study as a seed rose:

Faith FormationBible in a Year with Fr. Mike Schmitz – Rose Series!
ObjectiveTo do a ‘Bible in a Year’ Bible Study
SeedtimeAbout 1 hour per rose (listening to 3 podcast episodes)
Feedtime1 hour per rose (3 x 20 minute sessions of reading Scripture)
DirectiveJoin the Bible in a Year Study. Count every three days as one rose.
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So the link to the various podcast episodes are here, and the reading plan is here for download. The basic idea is that every 3 days as laid out above counts as a rose. So that means (remembering that half this time commitment can be done driving/walking etc.) committing 40 minutes a day, or 2 hours if you want to do it the ‘rose a day’ way!! As a general rule for the rose, the podcast part is complete when it is listened to – whether it is longer or shorter than 20 minutes, but if the Scripture reading takes less than 20 minutes (which it should most days) you should spend a bit longer praying with and studying the given passages to complete this part of the commitment. The Scripture passages are read in the podcasts, but even if you are reading along at that time the ‘reading time’ is separate and should be set aside to go back over the readings (or you can read them in preparation) together with any relevant complimentary spiritual reading (which may or may not have been referenced by Fr. Mike).

Happy Reading, Happy Listening!

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