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Introducing Guardian Angels

EvangelisationIntroducing Guardian Angels
ObjectiveOpen people to idea of spiritual warfare and the role of guardian angels
Seedtime30 minutes – 28 minute video time (audio suffices on both videos), read 2 minute blog
Feedtime1 hour
DirectiveReflect on Matthew 18:10 & Exodus 23:20-22 for 30 minutes.   Have a 10 -15 minute conversation with 2 or 3 people about Angels in their spiritual life.
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Many Christians find it difficult to accept that there is a spiritual world around them that they cannot see. Although people may believe in God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, they can be reluctant to believe that the world is full of good and bad spirits. Many Christians do not want to think about the idea of demons, Satan and hell and this makes sense in a way as these are frightening. However, a good introduction to spiritual warfare might be through first developing a love of your guardian angel and an understanding of the role which God has given them in accompanying us through life to arrive at heaven.

1. Watch both of the videos below.

Franciscan Friars on guardian angels:

Fr Ripperger on guardian angels:

2. Reflect on Matthew 18:10 & Exodus 23:20-22 for 30 minutes.

3. Pick two or three people to have a conversation with. Aim to introduce the idea of guardian angels. Some ideas are below:

  • Do you think that there are spiritual beings who we cannot see – angels and demons?
  • Do you know that God has assigned a guardian angel to accompany you?
  • Is there a difficult time in your day when you want to invite your angel to pray for you?
  • Teach the guardian angel prayer.

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