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Novena in Preparation for the Consecration of Russia and Ukraine

Dates: 17th-25th March 2022 (others have started novenas on 16th, but it seems the bishops of Ukraine are doing theirs on these dates so it seems to be most fitting to go with that)

Details: My suggestion is that, in accordance with one’s capacity, we try for the nine days to fulfil what was asked by Our Lady of Fatima for the First Saturday Devotions – but please let the reader pick and choose as to what suits their spiritual life and schedule! In addition to the First Friday suggestion, I’ve included a number of novenas one may want to pray at the end. Pick and choose with the Holy Spirit leading! This being a Golden Rose post, I will be including Rose counts for what I suggest as we go along. Please feel free either to ignore these or to check here for more details as to what that’s about.

Intentions: You can discern your own, but I suggest the following, or as many of them resonate with your own heart: Peace in Russia, Ukraine and the world; An end to the schism which is at the root of the east/west divide and for unity in the Church; Unity within the Catholic Church and that the consecration will be completed in such a manner as to end all controversy and dissension regarding the fulfilment of Our Lady of Fatima’s request; Participation of the bishops of the world in the consecration, in union with the Pope; for the appropriate dispositions for all involved (our little selves and our little efforts included!) that the above may be accomplished in a manner worthy of Heaven.

N.B. In listing the above intentions, it is not my objective to in any way comment on whether or not the consecration was ‘done’ already. It is irrelevant to me, I am not a bishop. I have listed intentions according to what seems to me would bear the greatest fruit. Decide for yourself what you think appropriate.

The Requirements for First Saturday devotions (suggested as daily devotions for the Novena) are as follows:

  • Holy Communion of Reparation
    If you go to Mass with it this is also a rose. Having prayertime before and after Mass is now suggested, not obligatory for the count.
  • Confession
    This is suggested at any time during the novena, you don’t need to do it every day. There isn’t a rose count for this, but obviously it’s a prerequisite to be in a state of grace to receive the Holy Communions of Reparation.
  • Praying 5 Decades of the Holy Rosary
    Pretty self explanatory. Every 20 decades is a rose, so if you follow this that’s a rose each on day 4 and day 8. On the final day of the Novena you could try praying all 20 decades and that would be a rose in and of itself!
  • 15 minutes of meditation on the Mysteries of the Rosary, Keeping Mary Company
    Every hour spent in meditation on these mysteries will be a rose, so the rose count works out much like that for Rosaries – a rose each on days 4 and 8, with a suggestion that increasing the time to an hour on the feast could be another…

Then to conclude, there are a range of Novenas once could pray. Please take your pick. Any one of these will be a rose on day 9 if prayed faithfully each day, despite the fact that they are shorter than what is usually required for a Novena Rose. And if you pray more than one of them it will be so many roses, but don’t just multiply vocal prayer unless you feel the Holy Spirit desires it of you, it’s possibly better to choose one and say it well! As I’ve said, you will see on the linked sites many are beginning these on 16th March. Whilst our suggested starting date is 17th, the roses are good for either one! Here are some choices:

Further Resources

In preparation for the Consecration you may wish to renew your own Marian Consecration or study the prayers of Consecration offered by previous Popes. Here are some resources for both:

9 Day Marian Consecration Programmes

Audio Retreat with the Marian Friars Minor or Text Based Consecration with St. Maximilian Kolbe and Scripture or 9 Days with St. Thomas Aquinas – N.B. This last one costs money and I have no idea if it’s any good – just throwing it out as an option if you want to try something new!

Prayers of Consecration/Entrustment of Russia/the World to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

25th March 1984 Pope St. John Paul II

31st October 1942, Pope Pius XII

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