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For a summary of Golden Rose basics – start here.

Golden Roses are a gift traditionally given by Popes as a sign of esteem and paternal affection, usually to royalty. There is a long history to this tradition. The significance of the name for this apostolate, however, begins simply with the fact that in recent years (since the pontificate of Pope Paul VI) the gesture has been reserved for Churches and Shrines – and the vast majority of these have been dedicated to Our Lady.

‘Golden Rose’, therefore is a symbol of our acknowledging Mary as Queen of Heaven and Earth, and doing this by making specific offerings and gestures.

The means is simply this – The Golden Rose Apostolate provides a Catholic website – both with its own original content and an array of references and links to other Catholic websites. It is our hope that between these sources, you will be able to find some of the best Catholic inputs – talks, essays, videos, ideas, resources – that are out there to help you in your Christian walk.

However this content, however good it may be, is not really an end in and of itself. What you get here are only seeds. And we are happy to hand out and source free seeds for you – but seeds only reach their full potential when they are planted and nourished. In this way, we move past the lethargy and consumerism of the day and contribute to building the Kingdom.

“Truly, truly I say to you, unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remains alone; but if it dies, it bears much fruit.” Jesus – John 12:24

For this reason. for each of the ‘seeds’ we provide on the website, we provide a means by which it can be cultivated into a rose for Our Lady. The idea is that every time you take a seed, you commit to taking up every means you can to bringing it to fruition before moving onto the next one. This is our way of trying to ensure that our spiritual aspirations don’t remain vague. Through the cultivation of the roses, we aim to ensure and that listening to talks or reading blogs isn’t just a passive experience or a consumerist exercise, but something that helps us to live more deeply in union with Christ, and in turn to share His Love and Life with others.

“In this is my Father glorified; that you bring forth very much fruit, and become my disciples” Jesus – John 15:8

Having the specific intention of presenting these things as roses to Our Lady has two purposes:

One: It gives us the opportunity to honour Mary as Christ’s Mother and Our Mother, and to express our love and affection with concrete gifts within the context of our consecration.

Two: It invokes that grace whereby when we present our offerings to Jesus through Mary She purifies and perfects them, increasing their value. This can make it sound like we have to hand things over to Mary and stand back from the offering for it to be so perfect – but the reality is Our Lady takes us under Her Mantle together with our little roses, and leads us more simply, more intimately and more profoundly into the mysteries of Jesus’ Heart, to which no creature has ever been more united than She is.

If you are ready to bear fruit for the kingdom, and to present your offering to Jesus through Mary, click the button below!

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