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Community in Golden Rose is built around weekly meetings in which we come together to pray and support each other spiritually.

At present, as we are in early stages, we have one group meeting online on Tuesdays. This takes place at 7:30pm for those in the British Isles – meaning 8:30pm for most of mainland Europe (France, Poland etc.), and America depends on your timezone… seemingly it’s 1:30pm Central – hopefully you can work from there! Please email if you’d like to join, we’d love to hear from you!

In time, we hope that as more groups develop there will be options that are regional and focused on particular demographics. When further meetings become available, details will be found on this page of the website.

Resources for Group Leaders / Members

Meeting layout –
The exact development of this is still being confirmed as we trial the plan made, so it’s not ready to be posted here yet. However the general layout is as follows: Begin with a short time of prayer together, sort any practical announcements that may be needed and then each one briefly discusses the ‘Rose for the week’ that we have chosen to work on. Finally, we share prayer intentions and pray the Rosary together.

Below is the table of themes for Group Roses over upcoming dates. The table gives the rose that will be ASSIGNED at a given meeting on the dates below and worked on for that week – meaning the roses being discussed will be listed under the theme given for preceding week.

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