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Form For Submitting Roses

Below is the Submission Form for the Spiritual Roses you have grown between 13th November and 13th December 2023! If you’re not sure what this means, check the explanation here – or to clarify more specific questions, read through the FAQs here.

Further guidance, along with resources to help you with this form (or with tallying for the next one) are given below it.

Rose Crown Presentation

Before clicking below, take a moment to prayerfully bring your offering before Our Lady and ask Her to present it to Jesus, renewing your personal consecration. When you’re ready to present your crown of roses:

On 13th December, roses will be tallied and the crown posted. The form, we have realised, seems to work only about 90% of the time. Therefore, we invite you to make sure your posted roses have indeed been received and included. If this is not the case, we invite you to submit them again, maybe with a little prayer to St Michael over the technology! We will recheck the emails and if necessary do a final count when new roses are added. The form will then be taken down around 15th of the month. Roses that are counted will be presented to Mary here.

The Spiritual Bouquets of Rose Crowns for 2022 so far can now be viewed here.
The Spiritual Bouquets of Rose Crowns for 2021 can now be viewed here.

Praise God for these efforts, and let’s build upon them this month!

Further Resources:

Ideas for Titles of Mary:

Perhaps over the next month, printing the PDF below (or preparing something similar) may be helpful in keeping a record of the roses we manage to cultivate for the October Crown!

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