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Grafted On – Roses from Other Movements

(N.B. If you have difficulties or questions in reading regarding why roses are counted as they are, it might be worth taking a read of FAQs here)

Here we explore extant communities, confraternities, movements and apostolates and look at how your commitment to them could translate into roses for your monthly bouquet. As with the perennial aspect, these grafted roses from other movements aren’t designed so much for discussion at weekly group meetings as to be a way to incorporate commitments and responsibilities you have already undertaken into your monthly gift to Our Lady within the Golden Rose apostolate. This apostolate doesn’t exist to compete with any other, but rather to work with and use all things so that anyone involved with Golden Rose, on whatever level, may more intentionally give of themselves to Jesus and Mary. That being the case, it makes sense that everything that builds up the Church should be of relevance to a spiritual bouquet – and not just that which you find on our site.

N.B. If you are disappointed because you are involved in a movement not listed here, or you are involved in one listed and feel it is misrepresented by what is below, please contact us and make suggestions, we would love to chat!

Confraternities, Communities, Groups and Movements with a Daily Prayer Commitment

Previously a lot of these were listed separately, but now it can be assumed to apply to any Catholic movement to which one’s commitment extends to some form of daily prayer. In any given month, remembering the prayer commitment amounts to one rose. This Rose is for the fidelity and commitment to the group, and is therefore independent of any roses that the prayers themselves might count towards. That means Rosaries counted as part of a daily prayer commitment can still be counted as Rosaries and Litanies can still be counted as a given number of aspirations – etc. Here are some examples of groups to which this rule applies, though the list is by no means exhaustive: Auxilium Christianorum, Legion of Mary (Catena), Militia Immaculata (‘O Mary conceived…’), PTAA (Heroic Offering x2 – assumes sobriety in the month as well as the prayers!)…

Dominican Rosary Confraternity

If one is a member of the Dominican Rosary Confraternity, the first three Rosaries (15 mysteries) of every week is a complete Prayer Rose, as this fulfils the commitment made to the confraternity. If one prays additional rosaries in the week, the requirement thereafter is four Rosaries (20 mysteries) to count as a Rose – as per the regular perennial stipulation.

Legion of Mary

Each weekly performance of a 2+ hour assigned and reported Legion duty = 1 Evangelisation Rose. If only 1-2 hours’ work is given by the praesidium, this rose may still be counted on the condition that the legionary (politely but consistently, and as often as work falls short of 2 hours) ask the president for a more substantial duty. In this case, the legionary must employ all reasonable efforts, in prayer, word and action, to boost the fervour of the praesidium.

Each weekly attendance at the Legion meeting = 1 Formation Rose, on the condition that the handbook is studied for not less than half an hour between meetings (that amounts to 5 minutes a day, not counting the day of the meeting!).

For daily commitment to praying the Catena/Tessera as implied by level of membership, see general guidelines for confraternities etc. above.

Youth 2000

Every attendance at a weekly Youth 2000 prayer group, online or in person = 1 Prayer Rose.

IF you are a vetted volunteer with Youth 2000, or in the process of becoming one, you can contribute an Evangelisation Rose for every 2 hours you spend inviting people to retreats and prayer groups (this could be a rose per month if you just went around the town with flyers for half an hour before your prayer group each week). In addition, you can contribute an Evangelisation Rose for every 3 hours in active service at retreats or prayer groups. This doesn’t mean the free time you spend there whilst being listed as a volunteer, but the time you spend ‘on duty’. E.g. the time spent actively on a security shift, leading a share group, finding under 18s, cleaning toilets… The hour of the prayer group only counts towards Evangelisation if you are leading the group or music – but the social time afterwards can count for everyone who attends with the intention of making sure all, especially newbies, feel welcome and included.

*This rose requires a 90% ‘remembering the commitment rate’ for the month in question. That is to say that no more than 3 days are missed in the month!

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