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Intellectual Faith Formation – Perennial Roses

At this moment in time, there is one simple perennial rose in the field of Intellectual Faith Formation. This is:

Spiritual Reading. 90 minutes = One Rose
As a general rule of thumb the books you can read which will contribute towards this must fit at least one of the criteria below. This list doesn’t mean we necessarily agree with all books meeting these criteria, neither is it an exhaustive list of what may be out there. However, we can’t cover all bases and we can’t take responsibility for your discernment of reading material! The list aims to keep things relatively Catholic – figuring out working within its parameters is up to you!

Criteria for reading materials to contribute towards roses:

  • Written by an individual who is beatified or canonised
  • Official Church document
  • Has an imprimatur
  • Non-fiction from one of the publishers on this list, please feel free to suggest additional publishers here!

90 minutes is chosen as this will mean a rose per week if you read 15 minutes per day, leaving room to miss one day. That said, the time can be broken down any way you like. The 90 minutes can be made up of time spent reading and studying or reflecting, so be very free to stop and think or take notes as you read, let the Holy Spirit lead you in how to spend your time.

If you are stuck for ideas or material to read, it might help you to have a look in our Library.

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