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Here we provide ideas, resources and links to some of the best Catholic resources (generally free and online) that might just be of some service to your Spiritual Gardening! For the most part, these will probably be helpful for Faith Formation or Intellectual Roses. That said, they might also serve to help direct your prayer life, assist your growth in virtue or give you inspiration for evangelisation! The Library is constantly under construction, so don’t be afraid to check back regularly or contact us with suggestions for additions or amendments.

Disclaimer: The links and resources suggested on this page are selected and presented because we believe at least some of what is provided by the site is useful for solid Catholic formation, and therefore worth making available. However we cannot say that we necessarily agree with or stand by everything that any particular external site or group may advocate – or state in their provided works. As such, we invite you to use your own discretion (together with guidance from a trusted advisor if applicable) in negotiating what is given. Thank-you for your understanding.

Church Documents and Papal Encyclicals

The Vatican’s official website contains most documents and encyclicals if you know what you’re looking for. Not always easy to navigate. Accessibility and language options often better for recent ones.

Papal Encyclicals online is very clearly laid out by author and sometimes better for finding older resources in English, if you don’t mind reading in the browser. Some things are hosted onsite, some linked.

There are maybe slightly fewer documents on this site, but they are very helpfully laid out by theme and all available in English and as PDFs, which makes the resource very practical, especially for e-readers.

Saints and Spiritual Reading

A huge amount of work has evidently gone into researching and presenting the information here. Sheer volume of material demands a little time for sifting, but it is a tremendous online reference of references.

Limited stock here, but what is listed is easy to find, most of it is good and links lead to PDFs of the title which makes navigation quite simple, so it’s worth having a quick browse through if you’re looking a read.

The selection on this site is vast and so merits a mention here. Unfortunately some books linked are only samples and navigating the list can be a bit tough, so it is nice to browse but hard to use for reference.

Other Sites With Free Books

A lot of the reference sites above here have already cherry picked and linked works from this site, but it’s worth browsing! Some ebooks are downloadable, some can be read online – depends on copyright.

Librivox = Free Public Domain Audiobooks. Lots of the best spiritual reading is old enough to be public domain so there’s a decent selection. As it’s free you’ll have to take the recording quality as it comes.

CCEL has a decent sized collection – the link above is PDF downloads, but you can check other formats too. All Christian but NOT everything here is Catholic. However many of the free Catholic books on it are classics.

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