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Links and Ideas

This website has a pretty broad mission – however it’s impossible to do everything and in trying to do something it is as well not to reinvent the wheel (in so far as is reasonably possible). For this reason, I’ve a page here of links, resources and further ideas you may want to browse in order to find that which you may glean something from or give something to!

Something being on this page means I’ve used – or at least had a look at – it and think it’s got worthwhile content for building up faith, engaging with ideas or informing oneself etc. It’s not a guarantee I agree with everything the destination sites may say, just that I think at least some of what they do is useful. Everything is entrusted, accordingly, to your discretion!

Ebooks, PDFs and Online Reading

Where you can access free electronic reading materials. (ebooks, PDFs etc.)

Public Domain Collections and Resources

Bellarmine forum PDFs;

Biblical Study

Online Libraries

Traditional obs. MI online library (range of languages);

Communities and Movements

Places to get to know other likeminded individuals – online or in person!

Spaghetti with Tomato, Spinach, and Shaved Parmesan

Creamy Tomato Soup with Cheese Toasties

Youth Movements

You can find Youth 2000 in Ireland, the UK, the USA, Germany and France.

News and Current Affairs

Keeping informed with viewpoints outside of mainstream media.

News Sites

Lifesite News gives a lot of info and updates; for an Irish Context see Gript Media. Poland: Fronda and PCh24

Blogs and Opinion sites


Sensus Fidelium – faith formation with current affairs (often better to check bichute). Worth keeping an eye on Computing Forever‘s channel.

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