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Marian Consecration 13th May 2021 – Reading Plan

The above is a PDF file download for the Consecration which you can download and/or print for reference. Alternatively, see below:

Reading Plan for Preparation for Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

DateFatima: 100 Q&A
Fatima For Today
10th AprilForward and Preface
Forward & Appendix A
11th‘Background’; ‘Visionaries’ Q.1-13
12thxCh 1: Mary
13thxCh 2: Fatima, Portugal
14th‘The Angel of Peace’ Q.14-16
Ch 3: 1st & 2nd Angel Apparitions
15thxCh 4: The Third Angel Apparition
16th‘The May Apparition’ Q. 17-23
Ch 5(a): May Apparition
17th‘The June Apparition’ Q. 24-29
Ch 5(b): June Apparition
18th‘The July Apparition’ (a) Q.30-39
Ch 6: The July Apparition pt.I
19th(b) Q.40-43
Ch 7: The July Apparition pt.II
20th(c) Q.44-45
Ch 8: The July Apparition pt. III
21st(d) Q.46-49
Appendix D&E
22nd‘The A&S Apparitions’ (a)Q 50-55
Ch 9: The August Apparition
23rd(b)Q 56-57
Ch 10: The September Apparition
24th‘Oct App & Miracle’ (a) Q. 58-60
Ch 11 (a): The October Apparition (stop just before the heading ‘The Great Miracle of the Sun’)
25th(b) Q. 61-66
Ch 11 (b): (finish off chapter)
26th‘Fatima After App’ (a) Q.67- 74
Ch 12: Francisco and Jacinta
27th(c) Q. 75-76
Ch 13: Pontevedra, Spain
28thxCh 14: Tuy, Spain & Appendix B
29th‘Assassination Attempt’ Q. 92-94
Ch 15: John Paul II and Russia
30thQ. 77-79 and 86-88
Appendix C
1st MayQ. 89-91
Ch 16: Sr Lucia, Life and Writings
2ndQ. 80-85
Ch 17: Importance today
3rdQ. 95-100
Ch 18: In the end, My Immaculate Heart will Triumph!
4th-12th MayListen to One Audio Talk Per Day – Nine Day Preparation for Unlimited Consecration with Marian Friars Minor
13th MayConsecration Day!!!

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