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On Crowns

What is a Rose Crown?

A rose crown is a gathering of specific prayers and devotions, acts and efforts – which are specified in more detail on the site in terms of seed roses, perennial roses and grafted roses. These are counted monthly and presented anonymously and online to Our Lady, under the title of Her individual child’s choosing. For more general info, see here.

What happens if I submit Roses on the First Saturday and then gather more before the thirteenth of the month?

You can submit a second form, not with a new total (as we will have no way of telling that some roses were already counted) but with the number or roses gathered since those you already offered.

Can I choose a few Marian titles and spread my Roses across them?

Yes, if you so desire – but please don’t make a devotional exercise of giving one rose to every title of a Marian litany! If there are a few titles you particularly want to honour and you have a specific crown or bouquet for each feel free to divide them as you see fit.

What is a ‘good’ average sized or substantial bouquet?

This can’t really be answered numerically because everyone’s life situations and levels of free time vs. commitment are so different. Please remember you’re offering your roses not to a distant queen of a foreign land but to your Mother, who sees all your circumstances and loves you more than any other creature is capable of doing. Mary is crowned by a God and over a Kingdom whose essential Law is love itself. In a reckoning where the last mite of of a poor widow meant more than all the riches and grand show of the wealthy, it is possible for that one rose you manage to pull together out of your modicum of free time to mean more than massive bouquets presented by others who just had nothing better to do with that time. God alone knows.

You say that, but I’m a bit embarrassed about what I don’t have to offer this month… Perhaps it’s better to leave it…

For the reasons already given in the above question, it is needless to be embarrassed before God and Mary about a number of roses. Even if you don’t present them, they already know your count, and they know the effort that went into that. If you know said effort could have been better, the monthly submission is a good opportunity to take stock and set a target for next month! As for being afraid of other people judging you – they can’t. For one, your form is anonymous and you don’t even tell us your name when you submit your roses – let alone have any risk of it being public on the site! Secondly, even when the crowns are all gathered and presented online, no one will know how people’s separate offerings looked – because they are presented only as offerings to a given title of Mary. So, for example, say Our Lady of Fatima receives 7 roses in a given month. No one knows if that was from one, two or seven people. Likewise, no one knows if that was the sum total of that person (or those people)’s offerings or a fraction of a bouquet divided to honour separate titles.

OK, so if all of this is so anonymous and personal why present a public bouquet at all?

The rose crowns serve a few purposes:
One – to give a chance to bear public witness to our Love for Our Lady before others. This needs to be properly understood. As we are bearing witness to our love, it is the roses and not our own names that our public in the witness. On the other hand, a count of roses is not necessarily indicative of the extent of one’s love – but each rose is a symbol of a specific offering of love, and these little offerings are combined in the monthly crown.
Two – to provide a personal milestone for us and an opportunity to regroup and reflect on a monthly basis about how much of an effort we made to intentionally offer things to Jesus through Mary. As such it can be something of a tool to encourage us to maintain an effort or make progress.
Three – a simple opportunity for monthly encouragement! It is our hope that seeing the presented roses tallied for Mary each month and recognising our own little contributions in their midst, each person who is involved with Golden Rose will receive joy at seeing their roses received and spurred on, like little children, to continue offering them. This may sound silly, but compare it with this simple reflection of St. Therese:

“I loved especially the processions in honor of the Blessed Sacrament.  What a joy it was for me to throw flowers beneath the feet of God!  Before allowing them to fall to the ground, I threw them as high as I could, and I was never so happy as when I saw my roses touch the sacred monstrance.” 

Because we are human beings, creatures with a sensible nature, there is joy not only in the giving to God but in seeing it received. When you see your tally as part of the monthly bouquet, is is a symbol of your offered petals not only touching the monstrance, but being lifted by the Immaculate Heart of Mary to the very Eucharistic Heart of Jesus.

But this system could be played so people just enter roses they haven’t even done to honour their favourite title, doesn’t that worry you?

The system could conceivably be played. That is the price of anonymity on the forms, but it is a pretty senseless thing to enter into playing it. Our Lady is honoured not by the numbers but by the roses themselves. Why would anyone offer a fake bunch of roses to such a Mother in order to win a competition before the eyes of men (God is not fooled) and think that in so doing they were giving her honour? For this reason we set out to trust the honesty and integrity of participants.

You still haven’t answered my questions on Rose Crowns!

Sorry, try contacting us!

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