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On Roses

OK so how does this whole ‘Rose’ business work?

This is covered on other pages of the site, for basic info read here and here, then come back if you have more questions!

OK I’ve read about seeds and roses etc. – so Roses are formed by what we do with stuff on this site?

Yes, they can be, but not necessarily. For weekly groups it is these type of roses we discuss. However for monthly bouquets it is also possible to count certain devotions practised on a regular basis or to include things which pertain to other movements.

OK so I think I understand how most of this works – but why are there so many rules?

We take the effort to define roses specifically so that one knows how to go about cultivating them and when they’re done. This might make the whole thing seem very rigid or stiff, but the intent is simply to give clarity so that the bouquet on one hand gives the opportunity to offer a wide variety of efforts to Mary, whilst on the other hand not just throwing half-efforts to the Queen of Heaven. Clear rules aren’t intended to be a burden, but a tool with which to evade both laxity and scrupulosity.

OK so things need to be defined – but why are your rules so demanding? I mean these ‘roses’ tend to require more time and effort than things that the Church grants indulgences for or things that Jesus and Mary ask for in private revelations!

A rose isn’t a daisy – it’s a cultivated flower. A rose garden takes work and effort, weeding, pruning, feeding, to come into full bloom. This movement is intended to give us an opportunity to grow in holiness and to seek to give everything we are and have wholeheartedly back to Jesus through Mary. As such, the efforts that go into growing and handing over even one single rose should cost us something – to give us an opportunity to show our love. This website isn’t put together by people with the authority to pull all the graces they desire from the Church’s treasuries and administer them at will to whom they choose. Rather it is the effort of poor, humble sinners trying to grow in holiness, who hope other poor, humble sinners desire to do the same. We depend on grace, but we also decide to respond as lovingly as possible to the grace we receive. Therefore, the roses are planned with a view to what can help us grow in Christian love. And this growth involves our will, our effort and our time. The demands are high because we want our roses to be quality – to be of the gold that stands testing with fire.

“For if we are beside ourselves, it is for God; if we are in our right mind, it is for you.  For the love of Christ controls us, because we are convinced that one has died for all; therefore all have died.” 1 Corinthians 5:13-15

There is a flipside to this demand however. If the roses by their very nature take time and effort, the gathering of a spiritual bouquet should lend itself to NOT being a number game. Rather, we can seek to give Mary one rose at a time, cultivated with as much care as possible – not worrying if we don’t have many roses at the end of a month but knowing that each one was a true gift of LOVE. There should be a freedom that comes with that, and a sense of peace in how we give ourselves over to the spiritual gardening process.

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