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Seeds To Sow

(If you haven’t yet been introduced to the concept of Roses on our site, you might want to start on this page)

Seed Roses are the basic form of Rose that this website is designed to help one work on in order to grow closer to God and present an offering to Our Lady. In addition to this, it is possible count as Roses those things which are already part of one’s spiritual life or commitments made to other movements and present them monthly – but this website, for the most part, is made up of seeds. It is seed roses that make up the challenges that members of Golden Rose groups take on weekly in order to grow in a particular given aspect of the charism.

So how do these seeds work?

The idea is very simple: Every time you see a seed presented, it will come with a summary box like this:

Rose TypeTitle of Rose Seed/Task
ObjectiveHere will be a brief sentence on the aim of the rose in question and what it is hoped it will do for your spiritual life
SeedtimeThis will tell you how long the input will take
FeedtimeThis will tell you how long the task following the input will take
DirectiveThese are basic instructions for how to take your seed input and grow it into a rose.
Sample Seed Summary Box

In addition to the summary box, you will have the input – be it a blog post, video, audio talk, etc. – and enough information to get you started. Then it will be over to you, to take what you are given and bear fruit for the Kingdom in the respective area. Every seed box like this will equate to one Rose, when the input is engaged with and the task given is completed.

You can take on as many challenges like this during the month as you like, in whatever fields you like, and keep a little tally for your monthly Rose Crown. However, for the weekly group meetings each person will only discuss one rose per meeting, in the area of the charism designated for that week. You will be told what this is by your group leader the week before, but if you need reminding the dates and areas can be found on this page.

There’s little else for it but to get started! Click on the area in which you want to begin below:

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