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Living the Moral Life

Is living as a Christian about the rules and regulations or is it about being loved by Love Himself? Are we living in an obstacle course of sin or do we have a loving and trusting relationship with our Creator? In order to live the moral life, we need to abandon our ideas and thoughts of freedom and instead trust that God knows what is best. Ultimately, we were made for goodness and truth, and it is within the virtuous life we will find peace – a peace that only God can give.

When Will it Ever Be Enough?

The world will offer you many things, but is it ever really enough? If you’re struggling with selfishness, self-centredness or laziness then this Rose is for you. There is no point hoarding earthly treasures when Eternity is our goal. The main focus of this blog post is to give everything, have faith and become more like Jesus in order to reach Heaven.