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The Perennial Aspect – Regular Roses

(N.B. If you have difficulties or questions in reading regarding why roses are counted as they are, it might be worth taking a read of FAQs here)

Here you will find how the regular commitments and devotions of your day to day spiritual life can count towards the roses you give in your spiritual bouquet at the end of the month. Perennial roses aren’t so much designed to be those which you talk about at the weekly meetings – these will be seed roses in area of the given aspect of the charism for the week, often testing the ground with something new or looking at a different way of trying something.

Perennial roses differ from seed roses as they don’t have the same emphasis on input, assuming that you are already familiar with the practice you are undertaking. They may come from something that is also a seed rose, and you are invited to try that first if it helps you get started. However, whilst these roses have less direct intrinsic input, often suggestions are given of materials one might use to refresh or deepen one’s devotion so these things do not simply become mechanical routines.

Here are the variety of areas in which you can cultivate perennial roses – click each one for more details!

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