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Golden Rose

Concrete ways to
live a Christian life,
consecrated to
Our Lady.


Give yourself more fully
to God and His Mother
for the Church and for souls.
Grow in holiness and in your gifts.
Find and contribute to community,
resources, accountability and support.


Growing a Garden, Building the Kingdom – One Rose at a Time

Imitating Jesus in the Life of Virtue

Opportunities to grow in the virtues needed in daily life, taking challenging inputs and putting them into practice.

Share the Love of Christ With Others

Find creative ways to carry out missions of evangelisation in daily life, whatever your calling and present situation.

Learn More about the Faith & Living it

Engage with the mystery of our faith by exploring the Scriptures and Tradition to come to know in a deeper way God’s gifts to us.

Enter More Deeply in to the Call to Prayer

Only through an intentional daily effort to grow closer to God will we be able to do anything in and for Him. Here we explore prayer.

Blog Posts – Under Our Lady’s Mantle…

Novena of a Thousand Aves!

A Seasonal Rose Challenge for Mary – praying the Hail Mary 1,000 times a day to prepare for Marian Feasts!

Novena Pick & Mix!

A post with a wide selection of options whereby one can gather roses through praying various novenas.

Calling on the Angels in Latin

This seed rose focuses on learning the Latin form of the two most popular prayers addressed to Angels in Latin – that to St. Michael the Archangel, and that to one’s Guardian Angel.

Darling Buds of May!

A seasonal blog post suggesting ways in which to gather Roses for Our Lady in a particular way during Her Month of May