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The Power of Silence

This is a follow on from the Starter Rose on Silent Prayer. If you haven’t yet tried this starter rose, you might like to begin with it! It is the 4th rose down on this page.

If you’re ready to go further with silent prayer, read on!

Prayer RoseThe Power of Silence
ObjectiveTo go further with exploring the power of silent prayer
Seedtime+/- 10 minutes reading
Feedtime1 hour
DirectiveDo some spiritual reading and take 4 sets of 15 minutes in silent prayer
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This is a really simple rose post as the seed is something external. Basically the idea here is to build upon the ideas that we began to think about in the introductory rose for silent prayer and explore how to seek God in silence. This we’ll do by taking some spiritual reading specifically on that topic and then giving ourselves time to open our hearts to God.

There are a couple of books can be used as accompanying reading for these roses:

  1. ‘The Power of Silence’ by Robert Cardinal Sarah. If you don’t have it I really recommend getting a copy! If you have a formed subscription and an eReader of some description, download it for free here. It’s also available on Scribd with a free trial or monthly subscription.
  2. That said, if you don’t have these subscriptions, can’t buy it right now or want to start before you will be able to get your hands on a copy all is not lost! For alternative reading material try Silence: The Gate of Holiness, which you can download for free as a PDF here.

For the rose, take either 1-2 of the numbered paragraphs of ‘The Power of Silence’ or 1-3 pages of Silence: ‘The Gate of Holiness’. You’ll need to decide how much is required, where the subject matter changes etc. but generally just a couple of minutes’ worth of reading slowly and carefully. Then taking the considerations you have read, open your soul before the Lord in silence and pray. During this time let the Holy Spirit lead and try to keep your soul attentive to the Lord. Don’t worry if you are led away from direct consideration of what you have read. You can from time to time go back to particular words in the reading if it helps you – but the time of prayer should not be spent just reading it over and over again! You may like to try this before the Blessed Sacrament, especially if you are inclined to find silent prayer dry, but that is not required for the rose.

Take 15 minutes of prayer for each passage you read like this. The rose will be complete when your accumulated prayer time is one hour. You can do this for 15 minutes a day for four days or run the sessions together. The 15 minutes doesn’t have to be exactly-to-the-second. If you’re really struggling with a particular session you can cut it short and if you find one really fruitful you can spend longer – don’t be scrupulous. At the same time, for the rose stick to about 10-20 minutes of praying per reading. This will mean taking 3-6 readings/prayer sessions in total to complete the rose.

The two books, reading at that rate, obviously provide enough seeds for a whole Rose Garden! You can continue to cultivate these roses for as long as it’s helpful to your spiritual life.

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